jun 30

faux news

Golly, there are a lot of links today. Kick it:


 MagazinePriceSearch.com. Never ever subscribe to a magazine again without looking here first. The New Yorker for $19.46. Time for $4.67. Spin for $3.36.

 Good Poynter.org convergence map.

 FoxNews tried to shut down AgitProperties.com for their "Faux News" merchandise. I wonder if my Faux News t-shirt (ordered through Disinfo.com) is a collectors item?

 Cyberjournalist's mammoth list of blogs published by journalists.


 Zowie, Pitchfork is going mainstream. Or something like that.

 SFGate: Hip-Hop Intellectuals: A Radical Generation Comes Of Age.

 The video for Foo Fighter's "Low," starring Dave Grohl and Jack Black, is a little extreme. I think it was banned from MTV.


 Someone translated that Baudrillard interview about The Matrix into English. GreenCine ponders it.


 Gothic Lolita is in this week.


 Someone has spend a long time cracking the code of the intro page of Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle. The conclusion is amusing.

 Pre-order David Foster Wallace's newest: Everything and More: A Compact History of Infinity, which tells the story of Georg Cantor.

 Guardian essay on irony: The Final Irony. Recommended.

 That funny Onion: Ask Raymond Carver.

 Recommended summer reading from dozens of authors.


 Game: Dr. Strange Blix.

 CityCreator.com. And an elaborate block-building application.

 A syllabus to a class I'd like to take: CTCS 505: New Media and the Consumption Cycle.

 Tom Friedman in the Times asks Is Google God?

 Lame Times story on internet dating.

 A zillion Amazon RSS Feeds.


 Zoom and explore the art of the Renaissance.


 Frank Lloyd Wright's vision of Baghdad.


 "I used to hate the Internet. I thought it was just a place where people stole our products. But I see how influential these fans can be when they build a consensus, which is what we seek. I now consider them filmmaking partners."


 The Strib dissects Block E. See also, from a while back, Peter Ritter's City Pages critique.

 The Rake has a decent converging history of Schell's and Grain Belt beer.

 According to Alexa, 40% of CityPages.com's traffic is now through Babelogue.

 Did you hear that Rock Star closed? It has even been nuked from the City Pages database. Great food, horrible location.

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