jul 2


No time to blog today. Someone just told me the International Foosball Championships are being held at the downtown Hilton Hyatt. Must practice.

Okay, maybe just a little:


 If you missed it, Liz Phair's Letter to the Editor to the Times in response to her getting torched is really... something. I don't think anyone has tracked back Liz's reference yet, but I think she probably Googled Meghan O'Rourke like I did and found this article in Slate. Make sense? I didn't think so.

 So yeah, the new Spin.com... it looks almost bloggish, doesn't it? A calendar, comments, light graphics. It's even written in PHP. How... indie?

 What rock critics have been waiting for: Christgau's Radiohead review in The Voice.


 Bookforum has relaunched with a Calvino cover. The Voice has details.

 Harry Potter: gay.

 Slate: What's Wrong With L.A. Lit?

 Quiz: Famous First Words. Give me a gold star, I got every one right.

 On this day in 1961, Hemingway committed suicide.

 Book Magazine: Chick lit sucks. (I'm summarizing.)


 Boston Globe: Girls Just Wanna Have Guns.

 Marvel's Master of Kung Fu being made into movie by Woo-ping Yuen.

 The hell? Eros is new "erotic ensemble drama" directed by three of my faves -- Steven Soderbergh, Wong Kar-wai, and Michelangelo Antonioni -- starring Robert Downey Jr. Out next year, apparently.


 MediaLife Mag picks some really bad stuff for their list of Best of the Best. We'll let you by with Marketplace just cuz no one else would think of it, but c'mon, fucking Blender?


 VH1 has another goddamn list: 50 Greatest Teen Idols. See also: Chuck's 4,000-word tirade on watching VH1 for 24 hours.


 USA Today goes to lunch with Bill Gates.

 Amazon.com employee weblog. Dumb, so far.

 Chicago Tribune architecture critic reviews the Apple store. Maybe these Apple stores can be the new Prada? Or not.


 Chuck Olsen was interviewed by the Strib in an article on blogging.

 If you missed it, the entire list of bars that will be open until 2:00 starting this weekend. Woo-hoo, we're not prudish Lutherans after all!

I blame you if I lose this foosball tourney.

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