jul 5



 Okay Guardian article on picture messaging. Contains a link to Celebs At Starbucks, a photoblog outta L.A. Also: Waxy has this idea to do a community celeb-photo/mob-blog, which is fine if you like in Cali or Gawker country. But out here in fly-over territory, I can only make so many jokes about Josh Hartnett, Prince, and Garrison Keiler (now wouldn't that be a party). So I'm still pondering the local scenester site, for which I have lots of ideas but feel unable to keep it updated myself. So if you're a localite interested in the concept, drop me a note, and try to talk me into it.

 Comic book artist and theoretician Scott McCloud is experimenting with micropayments with his newest comic. He has talked about micropayments before.


 Buzzmachine talks about being invited to see AOL's new blogging tool. The ability to blog via IM is impressive.

 Gothamist has some Friendster protocol questions.


 Cool new girl stuff at Threadless. If I met that girl at Triple Rock...

 I bought some Donald J Pliner shoes today. Did I just land on the set of Sex in the City?


 The Times Mag has an okay story about the rise and fall of baby names, but I point it out for this line: "Still, the effect is not as direct as it may seem. Buffy, despite a fanatic cult devotion to the vampire slayer, has not breached the Top 1,000 (although Willow has been climbing modestly since 1998)."


 MediaBistro interview with the guy who writes Ask a Former Professional Literary Agent for McSweeney's.

 Michael Chabon, Jane Smiley and John Edgar Wideman on NPR's Morning Edition.



 Doonsbury on the dangers of internet communities.

 That Japanese hotdog eater wins another match.

 American apology t-shirt.


 Snoop Dogg has decided he doesn't like "Girls Gone Wild" anymore. Because it's sleazy? No, because there aren't enough black women.


 Art Forum's Venice Biennale weblog.


 I saw my first Segway in Minneapolis today. It was a middle-aged woman cruising around downtown in a long skirt. This seemed noteworthy.

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