jul 9

punk lunch box

Has anyone ever mapped the psychographics of the synchronous ascendency of weblogs and reality tv? I'm serious, these phenomena are totally connected.


 Video of what got Michael Savage fired from MSNBC.


 I like these t-shirts at Lamosca.com, especially the ones that make vague references to The Velvet Underground and The Ramones.


 Dish on new Cassavetes movie.

 It seems the "Film" category gets the most "holy shit, I didn't know that was happening" links. Like, there is a new film based on Joyce's Ulysses recently completed? Holy shit, I didn't know that was happening. There's even a trailer.


 Wired News on the Illegal Art exhibit at SF MoMA.

 No surprise, the Voice didn't like the the Venice Biennale.


 Dear Abby takes a letter from a blogger.

 If this linkblog had a sideblog (does that make any sense? could this be a new form?), it would point to Clay Shirky's A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy, which is only for people interested in the theory of online communities, but is highly recommended for those people.


 Will you hate me if I link to that "Britney not a virgin" story? Okay, good.

 Sex Pistols lunch box.

 As always, Onion A/V breaks the mold and interviews Evan Dando. Good questions, boring answers.


 Blogumentary has a collection of Duluth/Minneapolis links today.

 I tracked down an invite to the flash mob, but now that the Strib is talking about it, who knows how this could turn out. But I also saw a discussion about it on alt.law-enforcement, which maybe puts the thrill back in it.

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