jul 16

mystery train

On a scale of one to ten, I give today's links a 9.5. Get at it:


 I heard this as a rumor first, but I guess it's really true. Tarantino's Kill Bill came into Miramax so long that they're cutting it into two movies. Double the Uma.

 The L.A. Times disses UC Santa Barbara's film school for being contemporary.

 U.S. News interviews Harry Knowles. Boring. (Why do I link to articles that I call "boring"? Cuz boring is the new black!)

 Kiarostami is doing theater. Sounds radical and experimental.


 Brooke has launched the final episode to Broken Saints. Great work, man, you're a superhero.

 How many people emailed you Google's relations to the WMD 404 Page this week? I'm around a dozen. I linked to it three months ago, but none of my friends apparently noticed. Anyway, The Guardian has a story about the story of the page.


 Michael Wolff reviews Steve Brill's new book.

 I'm not sure why I bother with Slashdot threads anymore. This one about NYtimes vs. Google made me go insane. When did geeks become morons? Was it always like this? (Don't read it. Stupid is not the new black.)

 Interview with Eric Umansky, the guy who does Today's Paper's for Slate.com.


 The Sex Pistols want to play Baghdad. A few dozen punchlines come to mind here, but I'm resisting.

 Judas Priest reuniting with Rob Halford. (On the right of that page are video links to "Breaking The Law" and "You've Got Another Thing Comin'." Rock out in your cubicle right now.)

 Funny A.V. Club interview with Sir Mix-A-Lot. Includes crazy details, including the long-forgotten Metal Church song, the doubly-long-forgotten The Presidents Of The United States Of America song, and questions like "You were one of the first popular entertainers to talk about asses in a sexual way, whereas that happens all the time now. Do you feel validated by the current focus on asses?"

 Alex Ross writes a lot about Pop Conference 2003 in The New Yorker, but I don't think he says anything. Or is that rock criticism?

 I'm happy that The Washington Post profiled Punk Planet.

 Greil on Liz Phair in CP: "it's like watching Barbies fucking."

 I'm not sure why I'm linking to it, but here's the entire script to A Hard Day's Night.


 If for some reason you care, Traci Lords has a book coming out. Here's an interview and a book tour.

 Erik Davis fake interviews Phillip K. Dick.

 Eggers is the Samuel Richardson of today. (Applause if that reference makes any sense to you, and a million kudos if you actually read Clarissa.) He keeps "expanding" his last novel, now with additional downloadable chapters.

 Today in Literature in 1951, The Catcher in the Rye was published.


 Phew, I own nothing on Hipster Bingo.


 I'm a little pissed that the Carson Daly roast was almost a little funny. But mostly because of my growing crush on Sarah Silverman.


 You already knew this (cuz everyone is talking about it at the water cooler), but Minneapolis is America's most literate city.

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