jul 20



 Slate on Friendster. And Wired News on Friendster. And The Stranger on Friendster. There are now a million Friendster members. See also: The Gothamist's lesson on writing Friendster messages.

 Anil on Amazon.com's expanded web service model.

 With Google Alert, you sign up to get a daily email of a particular search term from Google. The first time, it sends you 50 results, but every time thereafter it only sends items you haven't already seen.


 A good Times interactive audio essay on Fela Kuti.

 McSweeney's: Radiohead Song Titles Vetoed By Thom Yorke.

 That prank Metallica story about copyrighting the chords E and F was picked up by many mainstream news sources like CNN and MSNBC.


 Matt of Metafilter launch a PVR blog.


 The NY Daily News thinks we have a new lit genre: fat chick lit.


 W.W.J.J.D. t-shirt at Bust: What Would Joan Jett Do?

 Somewhat odd Sunday Times article on turning 30.

 Adbuster's Black Spot campaign.

 Amy Sedaris' appartment.

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