aug 23

Just Like TV Journalists I Know

For no particularly good reason, I did a Barbie post a few weeks ago. Here's a witty addition: Action News Barbie. "It's fun to be a reporter!"

A while ago, I wrote about Dan Rather's brilliant gaffe of tossing news junkies to newspapers instead of his own website, The news and operations director at responds: "Dan's been a huge supporter of the Internet and We get a number of graphical mentions on his newscast every evening, so I'm not going to criticize one ad lib. But that's exactly the kind of content we do, to add what's on broadcast TV and radio."

And, finally, this article kills me. I used to work for this Knight-Ridder newspaper (as the webmaster), which has recently laid off something like 40 percent of its staff. But after a 100-mile-per-hour storm that knocked down trees hit town, Tony Ridder coughed up $25G to buy new trees. I know a few pissed editors wondering if the paper will still be worth the trees it's printed on.

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