jul 29



 Howard Rheingold was on a good On The Media piece this weekend talking about smart mobs. Dan Gillmor was also on talking about "we journalism."

 NPR's new show with Slate.com debuted yesterday: Day to Day.

 Bride magazine has a same-sex article this month. Gasp!


 One of my favorite sites for the past year has been the music community blog I Love Music. But I have been afraid to link to it because it's always heartbreaking to watch a good community go to hell when the freaks move in. Anyway, this thread killed me: Did you really feel "welcomed" to the jungle by axl rose, or do you think that was sort of just insincere, halfhearted graciousness?


 Futurama: dead.


 50 Cent is starting his own fashion line. I knew the bullet hole look would come back in.

 Somewhat annoying Times piece about how Williamsburg has lost its cool.


 I didn't make it to the new club opening this weekend on Block E. I still haven't been to Cosmos either, so maybe next weekend is a Block E weekend, dreadful as that sounds.

 The new flash mob is set for Wednesday. If you want an invite, email me.

 Go see Wattstax at St. Anthony Main. Pete's review and blog.

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