jul 30

mr. little


 A must-own: Kerouac bobblehead.


 Nerve: Sex in the age of the cellcam phone.

 The Smoking Gun: Legal Document of the Year. Fucker, fucker and fucking fag.

 Flocksmart steps smart/flash mobs up a notch.

 The Onion: Area Man Knows All The Shortcut Keys.


 Good god, I could spend a week here: The A List. It's just a list of celebrity personality rumors, but it's magnificent.

 GreenCine has a post with dish on Tarantino's Kill Bill and two Buffy-alum Fox shows coming this fall.


 Half-hour BBC interview (audio link) with Morrisey that is very, very, very good. He's so articulate. Recommended.


 Sex and the City update: First Duchovny now Baryshnikov. (Secret message: Mr. Big, sorry for petty self-involvement.)


 The New York tabloids are all over this. The Times' Bob Hope obit was written by someone who has been dead since 2000.

 The Antic Muse: What magazine ads say about you.


 Minneapolis is in Friendster.

 One year ago today, McSweeney's released The Graffiti of Minneapolis.

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