aug 3



 Trailer round-up: New Woody Allen movie! Okay, that didn't excite you, so let's try: new Chrstina Ricci movie! How about this: new Coen Brothers! Errrr.... Scary Movie 3?


 New Yorker subscription stats.


 Long L.A. Times piece that says there's a hit out on Suge Knight. Includes a video timeline.


 Decent story for linguist types about the transition to statistical machine language translation.

 Does 'The Da Vinci Code' Crack Leonardo? I have somewhat reluctantly added it to my wish list.

 Nunberg on the jargon-catching program, BullFighter.


 Long-awaited, Edward Said revisits Orientalism in The Guardian.

 Tom Daschle: blogger.

 Jerry Springer: blogger.

 Bill Maher: blogger.


 Anil: Google Hacks is pervasive.

 NPR's All Things Considered did a piece (audio link) on They're hiring.

 Fun skater game: ParkLife.


 Madonna trying to sell the Gap. Two dying brands, I say.


 This is a couple weeks old, but I just discovered it. Post art critic Blake Gopnik hosts a tour of "Gyroscope." Interesting because it's unique for a newspaper reporter to do video and for it's odd MTV-ish rapid editnig.... and because it's an interesting topic.


 The Times continues its strange fascination with North Dakota, which has the highest proportion of people over 85 in the country. I like this graph: "These North Dakotans may be biological artifacts, the recipes for their health beyond bottling or replication by baby-boom office dwellers in big cities and suburbs. Clean air; going slow; patience; a low-cost, low-stress economy for all but active younger farmers; decades of heavy lifting outdoors; keeping an eye out for one another; long stable marriages; an absence of sharp differences in income and wealth all may contribute, people here speculate."

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