aug 14

courtney brando


 Who cares if it's true, I just like typing it: Marlon Brando is Courtney Love's grandfather.


 The world's first online feature film: This Is Not A Love Song. The BBC has more details.

 Post-teensploitation teensploitation? Trailer to Thirteen.

 Kevin Smith is doing a prequel to Fletch.

 Kieslowski's Decalogue comes out on DVD next week. The Times previews it.


 Penthouse is dead.

 Maureen Dowd: Blah Blah Blog.

 Just doing my part to save democracy: Arnold Schwarzenegger naked.

 Dan Gillmor links to four Microsoft job openings with the word "blog" in the description.

 A couple raves for Chuck's new book: Onion A.V. and Denver Post. Entertainment Weekly is also giving high praise. Chuck was in town Monday and drank me under the table. I'm still suffering.


 Convergence gone wrong? The NY Daily News slams the new Smoking Gun show on Court TV.

 Conan's show is a decade old. A Hollywood Reporter interview.


 Semiotics: A Primer for Designers. I rather like the idea of designers being introduced to Saussure.


 Voice: Richard Hell on Lester Bangs.

 Jesus Fucking Jones?


 I've been caught saying recently that City Pages should be doing a better job of critiquing the dailies. But I'm eating my words lately, cuz there's another good metamedia article on the PiPress this week.

 Go see June Panic at the Terminal tonight.

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