aug 16

le weekend


 SF Weekly has a wonderful analysis of faux-frienster accounts on In many ways, it's the oldest argument in the book about online communities, but in the age of commercialism and fixed identity, it hasn't gone noticed the last few years. (There's also a Slashdot discussion.) In addition to the issue of identity blurring, there's also this: "Real users often add fakesters to their friend lists like 'charms on a charm bracelet,' as one user put it, to show other people what type of things they're into. So if you're a lefty politico, you might befriend the fakester Noam Chomsky; if you're a hedonistic partyer, you might befriend Nitrous."

 Economist article on "monetising something cool": commercial blogging.

 Curcuits appraises the state of Internet2 at the university level.


 I caught up on my reading about the reactionary literary group ULA this weekend. The Believer and Black Book both had profiles (neither online).


 Remember when music video were intrepid and unique? Okay me neither, but it seems odd that Coldplay's gimmick to film the video for "The Scientist" in reverse is the best thing we have going for edginess in music video culture right now.


 Blackout Photo Moblog.

 Through mere coincidence, the new issue of Wired has a piece about power grids. Includes infographic.

FILM has redesigned.


 MINI_motion are "urban nomad" product creating be the Mini Cooper people.


 I think I've seen the proprietor of around town. I'm not sure if the guy is actually getting drinks via the site (which you can buy him in three convenient ways: in person, sending money, or shipment), but if he is, I feel jipped.

 Okay Strib review of culinary Lyn-Lake. Dara's savory Azia review is also mouthwatering. (Tip: Sunday night after 9:00, Fuji Ya has half-priced sushi and drinks. And hipsters galore.)

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