aug 22

friday fun


 Sophia Coppola directs Kate Moss in the new White Stripes video. It's, uh, hot.

 MTV, the magazine.

 Guardian: Death of the DJ?

 Rock stars and their parents.


 Kafka's Metamorphosis translated into Flash.... with violin-techno!

 New short stories from Eggers, Murakami, etc.


 Matrix III (or whatever you wanna call it) trailer.

 See now, this will suck, but it has Katie Holmes and Oliver Platt, so it won't.

 School of Rock trailer (directed by Richard Linklater, starring Jack Black). The MPAA rating box says it all: "Some Rude Humor And Drug References."



 Looks like the Chicago Tribune is blogging.

 I guess this is MTV's contribution to the blog world: VMA blog?


 Times on Gehry's Disney Concert Hall.


 How famous people break up.

 Remember the Sex and the City episodes where they go to L.A.? Gawker is there.



 Jim Walsh's first column (well, first in a decade) at City Pages. It really is a quintessential "Minneapolis Music Criticism" piece -- full of personal experience and pathos. This line is supernaturally Twin Cities-ish: "I still believe in writing that talks about the conflicts and conquests of the heart." Looking forward to this one....

 AP: Minneapolis Elf Has All the Right Answers.

 Turns out the guy that does Buy-Me-A-Beer is also the guy who did Dancing Paul.

 The Rake on Flash Mobs. Good line: "This particular secret society was so easy to get into, though, that we're wondering now how many journalists are dying to get off the Minneapolis Mob's listserv. This was punishment enough for infiltrating the group: Our inbox was flooded with the social theories of every johnny-come-lately mobster who wanted to argue that Minneapolis is just as cool as San Francisco or New York."

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