aug 27


I need sleep more than I need air.


 Every year, I swear, Wired News times their boring Burning Man article to come out the same time as the predictable Onion Burning Man article.


 Short Neal Stephenson interview in Wired.

 I dont' think anyone has written this kind of eviscerating critique in decades. It's practically parody.

 Quickie Voice review of the new Palahniuk.

 One year ago today, I wrote about the connection between Al-Qaeda and Isaac Asimov.


 Greil Marcus quoting (#9) Sarah Vowell on the NYC blackout: "I went for a walk in the dark last night for a little, marveling at the stars. Walked past people on a stoop blaring 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on a boombox and everyone was giddy, singing along: 'With the lights off, it's less dangerous, here we are now, entertain us.'"


 Missy Miss Maerz talks about the night all of us screamed at each other at the Kitty Cat Klub about Liz Phair (and, uh, just about everything else in the world, including whether Smog is morning music or evening music, the value of Robert Christgau, and, I think, whether jumping off my roof is wise). Absolutely fascinating detail you're just dying to hear: I broke my thumb that night. And I didn't even punch Chuck this time.

 Dara finally reviews Solera, which in my top three right now.

 And First Ave. is suffering again.

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