sep 2

laboring weekend

The ultimate internet ouroboros: I just saw a pop-up ad for a pop-up blocker. Lots o' links today:


 Need some perspective? The Global Rich List will tell you where your salary ranks you in the world. Even if you're making $15,000/year, you're still in the top 10 percent.

 Un, nice t-shirt slideshow at the Times.

 Apparently, Urban Outfitters was founded in Philly. Here's a story about the founders.


 Not just another poor excuse to link to the Britney-Madonna kiss, check out the caption: "The Atlanta Journal-Constitution apologized Monday to readers for running a photo of the kiss on its front page the day after the awards."

 There's a rumor that the MSNBC Jesse Ventura show has been completely scrapped.

 Al-Jazeera's English website is back after hackers nuked it a half-year ago.

 On eBay, all 64 issues of Spy. Current bid: $255.00.

 1938 issue of Better Homes and Gardens featuring a spread on Hitler's home.


 The Sophia Coppola NY Times Mag cover story kinda sucked, huh? For fun, compare it to the Chloe Sevigny profile.

 Cremaster 8, 7, 6.


 Salam Pax's book comes out this month. got his hands on it.

 The Vice Guide to Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll is out. Amazon's "customers who shopped for this item" list for this sucker probably says everything you need to know: The Hipster Handbook, the new Palahniuk, Traci Lords' new autobiography, and Chuck's new book. Here's an interview with the Vice gang.

 Louise Gluck, the new U.S. Poet Laureate.


 Looks like "Ask Gizmodo" will become a reality. I like to think I played a small part.

 PTT (Push-To-Talk) sounds like a big step conference calling, but this guy compares it to IM.


 All Tomorrow's Parties in L.A. (curated by Matt Groening) has been rescheduled. Line-up includes some faves: Har Mar Superstar, Mission of Burma, The Shins, Danielson Famile, Elliot Smith, Cat Bower, Built to Spill.

 Emmanuelle has some dish about Beck being in an upcoming movie. In other Beck news, the man-boy is going back to the studio to record with the a dream-come-true production triumvirate of the Dust Brothers, Dan the Automator, and Timbaland.

 It seems that Neal Pollack's VMA commentary is getting more attention than the VMAs.

 I haven't even told you about seeing my experience seeing Liz Phair perform for a few hundred Target employees last week. Some other time... but here she is answering questions submitted by fans.


 The Real Underground, an application playing with London's tube map.

 Woody Allen typeface.


 Homage to Jack Kirby.


 I think Brooke has my vote. Whaddya mean I can't vote?

 Howard Dean is now doing goofy Flash ads.


 I told you all the dangerous geeks lived here. His website is nuked, but here's a Google cache.

 My new tee is on the webcam. CJ did a tv piece on the tees last week. Speaking of local t-shits, don't you want this one?

 The perfect site for the perfect city: Includes hundreds of bar listings, divided into categories (Downtown, Uptown, Nordeast, etc.) and even subcategory (Cedar, Dinkytown, Stadium Village, etc.). It's still a work in progress, but this could the ultimate site to bring up on your web-accessible pda or cell phone when your scurrying around a neighborhood looking for cheap drinks. It will even include maps.

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