may 5

Inside What?

Given the number of renowned media types that were involved with (Kurt Andersen, Deanna Brown, David Carr, Michael Hirschorn, Stephen Battaglio, John Battelle, Sara Nelson, Michael Cieply, Rafat Ali, Noam Cohen, Fred Wilson, Richard Siklos, Alex Pappademas, Kyle Pope, Greg Lindsay, and, in the end, Steven Brill), isn't it a bit strange that it has no wikipedia entry? Update: Waxy started one in the comments.


If you feel like a flashback, Hirschorn, Brown, and Andersen on Charlie Rose, two years before Gawker existed. It's funny to see Charlie press them on revenue issues.

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I started to write one, but it's a morass. If anyone wants to pick it up, here are the best links I could find:

Archive of the site (only available once they dropped their redirector in June 2001):

Masthead, circa June 2001:

Press mentions and press release archive:

Salon's launch story from May 2000:

J.D. Lasica's coverage from January 2001:


Newsweek's rise and fall of story:

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