sep 9

i've been timberlaked


 Here's an audio interview (RealAudio) with Salam Pax. The interview is the second of three items. (Thanks to Esoteric Rabbit for the link.)


 From 1985, The P.M.R.C. Filthy Fifteen. Sheena Easton was #2?! Christ, the '80s sucked.

 The Rapture's "House of Jealous Lovers" video is rad.


 Doonsbury on Flash Mobs.


 I swear, every party I've attended over the last two weeks (which, mom I swear to you, is no more than a dozen) has seen conversations veer toward the Sophia Coppola questions. "Seen that crazy White Stripes / Kate Moss video?" "Wasn't that Times Mag profile trashy?" "Will Bill Murray be any good in her new movie?" And now she's in Time, so soon housewives in the burbs will be having the same conversations at the same types of parties. Well, minus the dancing midgets.

 Will Ferrell and Chloe Sevigny to star in the next Woody Allen flick.


 Watching Queer Eye For the Straight Guy tonight, it occurred to me that one of these guys will eventually break out into a sitcom or a reality tv show or something. Suddenly, I began use the word "Timberlake" as a verb. "Which queer guy will be the first to Timberlake his way out of the group and into a game show host slot?" Pass it on.

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