may 12


Slate launched a new woman-focused site today: DoubleX. They made an infomercial that's pretty good, but they also sent out the most embarrassing accidentally-non-BCCed announcement email of all time. Update #1: The Trouble With Jezebel. Hrm. Update #2: Oh yeah, The Stimulist also launched today. Spiers is involved but I don't get it at all.


i'm sorry - where's the link to the email??

posted by timmy at 11:30 PM on May 12, 2009

Sorry -- bad protocol -- there isn't one.

posted by Rex at 11:36 PM on May 12, 2009

In other words, Rex was on it but YOU WEREN'T.

posted by katiebakes at 5:13 PM on May 13, 2009

Nice try, Bakes. I wasn't on it either. It was forwarded to me.

posted by Rex at 5:16 PM on May 13, 2009

Those women! One day they'll figure out e-mail!

Seriously though, what was all that about the "destructive ironic messages" in movies?

posted by alesh at 9:38 AM on May 14, 2009

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