sep 11

two years later


 Two years ago today, I got on a plane that was over the Pacific when planes were flying into buildings in NYC.


 Idolatory review of David Foster Wallace's newest at Wired.


 Just one more day of this. Salam Pax has a site to promote his new book. You can download chapter one. And there's a crazy promo that looks like a bad MTV commercial.

 Speaking of crazy promos, did you see the one for Coupland's newest?


 Watch out world, Moby produced part of Britney's next "trance-y" album. I wonder if John Kerry is getting trance-y with Moby.

 Pixies: reuiniting. Where is my mind?

 Deliver love. Outkast videos for you already: Hey Ya | The Way You Move.

 Great MP3 of Wilco's performance on Leno.


 There are days I should just give up this category to Green Cine.


 Nate Patrin reviews the new Atmosphere over at Seattle Weekly.

 CP's Fall Arts Roundup includes a profile of a local film fave of mine, Melody Gilbert.

 Aesthetic Apparatus' poster for the Liz Phair show was tres cool.

 Marilyn Manson wins!

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