sep 14

three's company


 This is not the place you go to find out about Johnny Cash or John Ritter (or Leni Riefenstahl or Waren Zevon) dying. However, it is the play you go to find MP3s of Johnny Cash singing the theme to Three's Company. The stars have aligned.


 Letterman: daddy.


 Good: video of Al Franken on The Daily Show.

 Is this new? Not even sure. The Nation has blogs.

 If you missed it, Doonsbury was all about Flash Mobs last week.


 Adorno: 100.


 I'm pretty sure William Vollmann is going crazy. Is McSweeney's too?

 Salon gives Jonathan Letham's newest a rave. It comes out Tuesday.

 William Gibson shuts down the blog.

 Salaam Pax talking about his fame and how Aphex Twin gave him complete license to use any songs. That's worlds colliding.

 Chuck is interviewed on MediaBistro.

 I'll give you five dollars if you can tell me the origin of two words: mullet and comfort food. Both seem like they've been there forever, but I'm convinced they're both coined in the past decade.


 100 Years of Design.


 Let's call it Friendster meets HotOrNot:

 You might like Wired's concept PC shells.

 There's a mildly exciting debate going on about micropayments again. To link to the entire history would be impossible, but here's Clay Shirky's most recent salvo and Scott McCloud's level-headed response.


 I heart the internet. The Post-Punk Kitchen.

 Pitchfork likes Pretty Girls Make Graves and so do I.


 Not that I've been waiting with bated breath, but it's nice that Prince has made the list for Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction.

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