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Rex Sorgatz

Idea: a chain of popup stores. (I don't know what it even means, but it seems like everything is now either a chain or a popup store.)

sep 18

[Say something about your hangover, loser.] Let's see what scenatistas are gabbing about:


 Of course Wesley Clark has a blog already. And the DNC has a blog called Kicking Ass.


 Wired's story on the future of tv had me all bubbly at first, but it didn't really say anything we don't already know.

 Slate: What do the new reality dating shows have in common with 19th-century literature? I like the thesis.


 Historical events as told by The Sims.


 The Times rambles on about the origin of music.

 Mysterious music video that you should see.


 Play with this for a while and wonder what you're doing.


 Newly-discovered blog being bookmarked: LanguageHat.

 Times: the role of beauty in lit crit.

 Stephen King, genius.

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