sep 19


Due to a change in upper management that puts old media back into its rightful birthplace, this weblog will officially be dropping "AOL" from its name.


 Still no trailer to link to, but Demonlover is making my friends giddy with anticipation.


 TiVo therapy.

 I wonder if someone could write a program that ports all the women at into Friendster.

 It's been ages since The Times actually turned me onto something new. (That's the curse of being the Paper of Record: you're comprehensive and historical, but never really fresh and unique.) But today, it turned me onto Good stuff.

 Uh-oh, the party's over. Reuters story on Supernova.


 Fifth-graders draw Radiohead.


 Probabilities in the Game of Monopoly.


 Good Nerve: The Unsexy List.

 Sneak peak at what AOL News is turning into.

 Salam Pax on Fresh Air.

 The Top 100 Works of Journalism In the United States in the 20th Century. Debate.


 This is pretty neat in a geeky kind of way: RSS Comic Feeds.


 Well, that sucks. The Walker is shutting down for a year. There goes the neighborhood.

 Chuck gives some dish on the first day of Central Standard. See you at the Sound Unseen party tonight?

 I've heard people shortening the name of our fair city's new favorite club to "The Rock." This will not do. It should, of course, be "The Triple." As in, "After the Triple, everyone went back to Rex's house again. That guy never sleeps." Do everything you can to make me right.

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