sep 26

fucker in my zip code

I'm finally back, now with a brain chock full of simmering ideas. I met Ray Suarez, drank with Lost Remote, heard the people behind DeanForAmerica, and blabbed alot about the democracy in the age of participatory journalism. Not a bad week.

Looks like things are really heating up in the social software arena. Let's start there:


 Guess who's on the cover of Spin this month. Well, sure Dave Fucking Matthews, but guess who else. Yep, everyone's favorte post-networking device, Friendster. Pst, there are rumors that Google wants to buy Friendster.

 Andy has launched, which I very lightly helped beta test. This wonderful little application allows you to create personal and city calendars of events (here's the Twin Cities and here's me, user #11 of what will be two million in six months). It's everything I like about social software: collaborative, bigger than the sum of it's parts, and real-world-reinforcing. Think of it as Meetup meets Friendster meets Craiglist. Plus if you ever want to know where I am at night, now you know where to go.

 Macromedia has launched Central, another product I not-very-rigorously beta tested.

 Red Herring mag is back, online only.

 L.A. Times story on the web-savvy Howard Dean campaign. Hearing the people behind the online campaign speak was the best part of my trip to D.C.

 Microsoft and Google are both playing with location-based searching. With Google's Search By Location, you enter a search term and a location, and it gives you a map with results. (Luckily I'm not found when you search my zip code for "fucker".) And with Microsoft's World Wide Media Exchange, photos are indexed by location.

 Amazon has added some goofy Flash games to promote their new sporting goods store. There's also word that Amazon is working on a search engine.

 Nokia just released a new line of "Imagewear" products, wearable and mini phones and camera and such. Gizmodo has the links.


 Edward Said has died: Times | Guardian | BBC | Zmag.


 Preview for new Gus Van Sant: Elephant.

 This is a little old, but I'm still playing catch up: Lost in Translation Translated. And Greg has tracked down the original Kurosawa Suntory commericials.


 New White Stripes video: Hardest Button To Button.

 Good: Pitchfork's list of 50 Most Common Used CDs.

 A drink with Bjork.


 Caribou Coffee sued for same-sex sexual harrassment.


 Culturata that came out this week that you need: Salam Pax's The Clandestine Diary of an Ordinary Iraqi, Outkast's Speakerboxx, and Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver (pst, Quicksilver wiki and Paul Boutin review).

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