oct 3

frivo fimoc friday

My PDA/phone has two background desktop themes that I regularly shift between depending on my mood: The Olsen Twins and the Hilton Sisters. Same situation with my IM buddy icon. I like to think of them as the devil and the angel sitting on my opposing shoulders. Or maybe they're just the ying and the yang. Anyway, The Gaurdian profiles the angels and isn't afraid to love them. For the sake of equal time, I demand they also love the Hiltons.


 Technology meets Sex meets Politics. Thank you Howard Dean for making it all happen.

 Grunge Is Back In Style. Which means it's not.

 PETA takes a shot at Donatella Versace.


 Yet another cable network coming your way: The Horror Channel.


 Great idea that just launched: Front Line Voices collects stories from soldiers who fought in Iraq. Expect controversy.

 The Morning News interviews Malcolm Gladwell, a person I also like.

 Coetzee wins the Nobel. (Official citation.)

 Radosh captured a good misplaced ad on nytimes.com. And LostRemote caught one on ESPN.com.

 New York Mag launched The Kicker, a blog from Elizabeth Spiers (formerly of Gawker.com, of course).

 Guardian story on those online promos for books I've been linking to here. Coupland | Salam Pax | Life of Pi | Atwood.

 Everyone seems to be backlashing the new breed of "cool magazines" we've recently seen. I dunno, I'd rather be reading Mass Appeal, The Fader, Tokion, Anthem, WYWS, and sometimes even Vice than whatever else that fucking newsstand throws at me. (Which isn't to say that The Antic Muse's critique shouldn't be shoved down all their throats so they understand their relevance.)

 A long time ago, I had an idea to start a lit publication similar to Words Without Borders.


 I have written recently about DJs taking over the restaurant scene in town, and it's good to see that New York is, er, finally catching up to this trend.

 Tired: The Darkness. Wired: Bling Kong.

 The influence of the music blogs.


 I'd love to be in Hollywood and hear a producer pitch the idea of Halle Berry, Robert Downey Jr., and Penelope Cruz in something called Gothica.


 The New York Times and The Chicago Tribune differ on their appraisals of the new Koolhaus Illinois Institute of Technology building.


 NeoMedia got a little attention today for an application that ties together ISBN codes and Amazon. There are a number of similar devices out there, including the infamous CueCat and the iPilot. And IBM is working on a smart shopping cart that alerts you to deals.

 Napster to return as a more boring iTunes.

 Circuits this week: software that speeds up audio/video playback and the impact it has on cognition, a review of Microsoft's new media center, and analysis of Foresight Exchange.

 mPulse this month: new mobile intiatives out of Hollywood, wireless betting in Hong Kong, and speaking to the father of the cell phone.


 Hm, new record label in Minneapolis? They're hiring.

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