oct 6

my bitch

I'm so pleased with myself. I made a t-shirt today that reads "REM KOOLHAAS IS MY DELIRIOUS BITCH." Maybe I'll make a bunch to sell online -- perhaps a whole line of them, like "MATTHEW BARNEY MASTERED MY CREAM" and "SPIKE JONZE CAN SUCK MY VIDEO." Ideas welcome.


 K Street is better than you've heard. The Times has an article on how it's affecting political and social dymanics in D.C. And Newsweek has an interview with James Carville.

 This is oddly cool. MTV International played the surrealist game of Exquisite Corpse to create 16 30-second tv spots that are surprisingly unique. Exquisitemtv.com collects them all, with maps that show how each progressed around the globe.

 Emily Nussbaum on tv theme songs.

 AdBusters does some experiments in watching tv.


 Soundwalk creates collage CDs of sounds (movies, music, found sound) of neighborhoods to create something like a sonic version of travelguide.

 Flight001 appears to be a store for urban nomads. Compact objects for the digerati jetset.

 Sidewinder is a hand-powered cell phone charger.


 Drudge says Disney is ticked at Miramax for the violence in Kill Bill, and predicts a possible split.

 Salon interviews Richard Linklater. And Mim Udovitch interviews Tarantino.


 Yeah Yeah Yeahs on NPR's All Things Considered (or, actually, Karen O.'s parents).

 Here in Minneapolis, we got to see a crazy reinacarnation of Tron with a live soundtrack performed by electronic musicians using Game Boys and other digital devices. The genre of 8-bit music isn't totally new, but it seems to be catching some steam. Even MSNBC.com is writing about it (the audio interactive halfway down the page is pretty cool).


 Times Review of Books likes the new Stephenson.


 Slideshow tour of VW's Transparent Factory.


 Seattle Museum Krishna interactive.

 Sylvia Plath: painter. Who knew?


 MacArthur Genius Awards announced.

 Top Twenty New Jobs for Rush Limbaugh.

 In addition to the previously mentioned Hilton sisters and Olsen twins, I should point out the importance of the Bush sisters. Barbara and Jenna are on Friendster (okay, they're fakester accounts). (Possible update on Friendster/Google: Friendster said no.)



 I'm not sure what exactly to think about the Strib's scary! hacker! story on 1A of the Sunday paper.

 The PiPress is doing First Ave. nostalgia now too. (Some good musician quotes though.)

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