oct 8

gender genie


 I've been playing with BookLog's Gender Genie. It uses an algorithm from Moshe Koppel and Shlomo Argamon to predict the gender of a piece of writing. The last few blog entries have been very male. Try it out with your favorite literary passages and song lyrics.

 Two random links from the past: Playboy's 1969 Interview With Marshall McLuhan and Mad's 1968 Valley of the Dolls Parody. (You're welcome.)


 Which is funnier? The trailer to the Stephen Glass biopic or the trailer to Tupac Shakur biopic? Answer: neither, cuz their titles are funnier: Shattered Glass and Resurrection, respectively.


 Best. Correction. Ever.


 Gimme! Neiman-Marcus: His & Her Robots.

 Gizmodo found a USB-powered vibrator.


 G.W. Bush: blogging and writing poems. God help us.


 R.E.M. Madison Square Garden review. Yawn.

 Day-by-day history of Nirvana.

 Now on Friendster: Robert Smith. This is getting boring, isn't it?


 I think BMW stole the idea for this ad (video link) from The X-Files. See Advertising Age's TV Spots of the Week for more.


 Google has added a cookie to high-usage searchers that shows how many searches you've performed in a day. It's apparently only 1% of users, but I see it!

 Friendster really took off when Wired News did a story about the site. One has to wonder about the fate of Tribe.net after this rave.


 Fox's reality show Full Life Make Over is in town: Casting Call. I really could use some plastic surgery.

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