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Rex Sorgatz

Trying really fucking hard to not be part of the problem.

oct 17

long week


 Dan Savage interview.

 Is Keep Media new? Started by the guy who founded Borders, subscriptions give you access to 140+ magazine archives.

 Time Warner (nee AOL-Time Warner) unveils a new logo.

TV is a script created by camera phones.

 K Street is in trouble.


 Front page of "Hell Froze Over." iTunes for the PC is out.

RESISTANCE is not from Nike. It is from the design pranksters at I suspect it will get sued soon.

 I have to admit that the first time I read this Wired story about antisleep drugs, I went looking online for Provigil to see if I could order it. (Could not without a perscription.)


 CNet's fancy Digital Living section.

 I so wish I could have gotten a major in video games.

 Wired's Gadget Lab.


 New Voice Literary Supplement.


 NYT review of Gwyneth playing Sylvia Plath.


 Wellstone World Music Day.

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