oct 19


For Halloween, I was gonna dress up in a yellow jump suit and call myself "AOL Man!" But now my costume is fucked, because everyone will think I'm Uma from Kill Bill. Today's links:


 Compare: Faux CNN t-shirt vs. Faux FOX t-shirt.

 So have you seen that new MTV's Spankin' New magazine on the newsstands? Surprise, surprise, like its namesake, it has nothing to do with music. (Story.)

 Hendrik Hertzberg at The New Yorker does his bit on Rush.

 Ad Age names its Top 10 Mags of the Year, and I don't read a single damn one of them (and I read about 35 magazines/month).


 New world's tallest building in Taiwain (specs).

 L.A. Times slideshow of the Gehry Disney Hall Opening.


 As GreenCine says, "If you read only one article, review, blurb or gum wrapper on Kill Bill, make it this interview with Quentin Tarantino." It answers all those "that's a reference to what?" questions. Amazing.

 Anthony Lane's New Yorker review and The Chronicle's critique of Sylvia (trailer). (The same issue of the New Yorker has an excellent Don DeLillo essay on ephemeral filmic memory and a very long Tarantino profile.)


 Brushstroke has a cool post about why McLuhan's The Medium is the Massage is named such (it was a mistake at the printers).

 The Guardian did its list of the 100 Greatest Novels Of All Time. Pretty British, eh mate?

 David Foster Wallace full of contemptuousness on Talk of the Nation.


 I don't really understand what Nike's Keep The Ball Alive is, but it seems to have something to do with playing urban rugby with SMS devices.

 Vodka: 500.

 You can now shop online at Ikea.

 Gothamist's Flirting 101.

 Seth Stevenson is spending two weeks in Tokyo and writing about it for Slate under the idea of "One Cliche Per Day" (Wacky Food, Manga, Inane Protocol, Capsule Hotels, Earthquakes). Pretty good.


 Some of the quotes here are a bit dubious, but the idea of sitting down a group of tweens to play old-school video games (Space Invaders, Pong, etc.) is brilliant.

 Video Games Awards to air on Spike TV in December.

 Urban Outfitters pulls Ghettopoly.


 K Street has raised the ire of Drudge.

 Did you know that Miami Vice isn't coming out on DVD because of the prohibitive costs of getting the rights to the music? I blame Phil Collins for everything.


 Slatch has an MP3 to Albini's murkier original mix of "All Apologies," which is pretty amazing.

 Jon Pareles talks about The Rapture, The Strokes, and the NYC scene (article).

 New Strokes Video.


 C.J. has an amazing tidbit on Prince. Unbelievable. (Note: I'm just now seeing this cross the wires, so it will likely become a national story soon.)

 SEMEN DONORS NEEDED!!! Roseville, $150 per specimen.

 Melissa reviews Captured! By Robots and Chuck reviews Junior Senior, two shows I painfully missed last week.

 Unfortunately, no one really paid attention when PDPal was being used at the Walker sculpture garden. Now, it's making big news in Times Square.

 Social Hygiene Database from the University of Minnesota.

 You probably read the Paul Westerberg profile (he looks so young!) in CP, but The Onion A/V Club has one this week too.

 Just stumbled across Whither, a blog by a former Minnesotan with a good essay about the Twin Cities urban landscape.

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