aug 27

A Different Barbie

 I'm going to do this once, and only once: my girlfriend's AJR column about email news alerts. Or, if you prefer, a column from a distinguished colleague about email news alerts.

  What's an internal memo at the The Onion look like? FuckedCompany has posted one. (Someday, I'll write the post about what a moron Scott Haise, the publisher of The Onion, is. It's one of those tragic brainless-person-in-the-right-place success stories.)

  Hey, whaddya know, people are reading online news. Huh, too bad it's all boring.

  Oh, boy. The new Jakob Nielsen book looks like it will categorically piss people off. Again. What's that guy's problem?

  And, I feel extremely dumb for linking to this, but IE 6.0 is out.

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