oct 23


I took the Drink-o-Meter, and it told me I've spend $59,579.52 on booze. That's it?


 Disturbing Auction collects strange things being sold on eBay.

 It's the end of an era. Plain Layne says goodbye. Like a swimming pool in a cornfield, This is how I'll remember her.

 Google has a new feature whereby you enter the word "define" before the search term and it will try to provide a definition of the word. Example: define motherfucker.


 D.C. is not watching K Street.


 Wired's okay Wachowski Brothers FAQ.

 Sixteen Candles, the sequel. Ducky.


 Story on the Media Deconstruction Kit.

 I'm really not sure why this interests me, but here's Spin's Media Kit (pdf). Contains all kinds of demographic information like media age and income.

 Tina Brown's new column in the Washington Post. Ho-hum.


 Profile of Joe Trippi, Howard Dean's campaign manager who got the governor blogging.


 Seattle Weekly: Why I Heart Chick Lit.


 Huh, there's an Escher museum?


 Great. Punk is in the Style section again. Slideshow.

 Someone should do a study about the disproportionate number of rappers who make the New York Times business section. This week, it's Outkast for pimping pitbulls.

 It's been a while since I could say this, but The Voice's music section this week is all about stuff I like. Matos does The Rapture and Basement Jaxx, and there are Decembrist and Shins reviews. Christgau gives Bjork and Rancid both an A-. Plus, there's this odd thing about MP3Pro.

 Calling The Strokes neocons might be a tad much, but I enjoy the thesis of this Joe Hagan piece in Newsweek.


 Underground restaurants? Sign me up.


 Steve Brill is working on a Verified Identity Card.


 You know Famous Dave of Famous Dave's? He's, uh, famous now.

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