oct 27

aol man

People seemed to really like the AOL Man costume. Not as good as my femme fatale entourage, who went as the Kill Bill characters, but sufficiently geeky.


 Steven Johnson on Amazon's new book text search feature, which dominated discussion in the blogosphere last week. However, The Author's Guild is barely tepid in its appraisal and almost sounds like they're preparing for a legal battle.



 This NYT article about how cell phones have created a new world of "soft time" is pretty much written for me.

 Misbehaving.net, a blog about women and technology, is getting a lot of attention.

 I don't really have a great reason for linking to this, but The Hindustan Times has a slideshow of Miss Afghanistan. Progress? (See also: Washington Post's multimedia extravaganza, Return to Afghanistan.)


 Silly song animations from Napster.


 Newsweek does their design cover story. With quiz.

 On The Media interviews Matthew Carter (audio), the person behind the new New York Times font change announced last week. (It was a good episode. Bob Garfield blasts Bill O'Reilly and Mickey Kaus considers blogging vs. editing.)


 The New Republic: Zadie Smith on Kafka. Good.

 Slate: Learn Arabic, get laid.


 Ann Coulter Talking Action Figure.


Things I'm Doing This Week:

 All week: Tarkovsky retrospective at Oak St.

 Monday: Rachel's at Theatre de la Jeune Lune.

 Tuesday: Minnesota Electronic Theater 2003 at Fine Line.

 Tuesday: Prefuse 73 at 400 Bar

 Thursday: Jim Ockuly at Carleton.

 Thursday: Quasi at 400 Bar.

 Friday: Belle and Sabastain at Fitzgerald.

 Saturday: The Festival of Appropriation at Rogue Buddha Art Gallery.

 Sunday: Frank Gehry at Pantages Theater.

 Sunday: Videogames: Theory, Practice & Play at Carleton.

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