oct 30



 This New Yorker Tina Fey profile is the best piece ever written about her, mostly because it answers a ton of questions I've always wanted answered, such as how much of SNL she writes (two sketches per week plus general oversight), how many writers are on-staff (20), and how she gathers news material (lackeys gather clips -- though I still swear she reads Fimoc). Plus I got to find out she has a brother who is a website editor at QVC!

 A first: TiVo DVD burner.

 The story about Fox almost suing itself because of The Simpson's is just about the funniest thing to ever happen in this world of convergence.


 The Blood Gulch Chronicles won the Machinama awards.


 This Business Week column on Friendster is about as far off the mark as they come. The premise: Friendster will fail because it makes a bad dating service. Silly goose, the dating service aspect is probably the most boring part of Friendster.

 Google now wants to get into the book text business just like Amazon.


 My high school girlfriend gets big props in this NYT review of Django.

The other change for the better at Django is the arrival of Nancy Olson as pastry chef. Her desserts have an almost homey honesty, especially two additions that turn up in time for Thanksgiving. Cranberry bread pudding is almost too good to be true, with a crisp, golden exterior and a light, custardy interior. Perfectly spaced cranberries give off a bright spark of tart flavor. Pumpkin and pecan tart combine, effortlessly, two classic Thanksgiving flavors in one finely executed tart, with a surprising scoop of lime sherbet. It works. And there's an add-on that could be offered on its own, a cup of hot, spicy apple cider with a smooth, velvety texture. Chocolate and coconut tart, dense and concentrated, invokes the always sacred memory of childhood Mounds bars, and for that I am grateful. A scoop of toasted almond sherbet on the side, with its subtle reference to Almond Joy, makes this the greatest candy bar ever created for the adult palate.

Rexie is jealous.

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