aug 13

Star Trek Stars, War Games Ends

I hope the economy recovers soon enough for everyone to have guilt-free lust for the hypothetical new iTablet. Lam: "To me, this is where Star Trek starts, and War Games ends." Update: reports came in throughout the day that it will be is a 2010 launch, so maybe you should consider a Kindle after all.


I've always thought it was weird anyone thought they were going to announce it at any other time than macworld in January...

posted by Rick Webb at 7:19 PM on August 13, 2009

like hell i'm getting a kindle. I know it's sort of a race towards evil between these companies lately, but the shit that amazon has pulled is beyond the pale.

Also, Baker was right -- the iPhone is downright nice for reading books. (The biggest advantage the Kindle really has is the lack of a twitter app to distract you from your book. (Rex got his Kindle stolen, so we never got the K v iP showdown article.))

Also, for all my complaining about how hard it is to do computer stuff on the iPhone/iTablet, um, it still IS a computer.

posted by alesh at 1:44 AM on August 14, 2009

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