nov 3



 Vice Fund is a mutual fund specializing in tobacco, gaming, alcohol, and defence.


 Fleshbot, the newest blog launch from Nick Denton, goes live this week. Kinja (aka Lafayette Project), "a blog of all blogs," has a 2004 dateline. And there are rumors about a D.C.-based politics blog and a L.A.-based entertainment blog. (See also: New York's Blog Players.)

 Finally, some decent analysis on Friendster's numbers.


 Frank Gehry watches.


 Pinch me. Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro, Naomi Watts, and Charlotte Gainsbourg in one movie.

 Also new, John Woo does Phillip K. Dick in Paycheck.

 Jonze to helm Wild Things.


 Political advertising contest from Bush In 30 Seconds.

 George Lakoff (a name I've nearly fogotten) on how conservatives use language to dominate politics.


 The apperance of a big color ad for Playboy in last week's City Pages (it's probably making the rounds in other Village Voice Media rags too) is enough to start me type-type-typing some sort of important essay about Hef's ir/relevance. Oh, of course, Slate did.

 David Foster Wallace interviewed in The Globe.

 Chuck tosses around the bon mots in this interview.

 I'm not so sure how I feel about having a book made perfectly for my age. Oh wait, yes I am.

 NYT Mag: Questions for Noam Chomsky.

 For no apparent reason, Camille Paglia is interviewed in Salon, where, for no apparent reason, she rips on blogs. My guess is she's picking up on an idea that Drudge gave her.

 Huh, Utne still gives out their Independent Press Awards. A million years ago, this was a big deal. Or maybe I'm just old.

 Gary Wolf has a blog. Wired's Worst Stories. (See also: Things of the Past.)

 Umberto Eco on translation in The Guardian.




 Two Strokes reviews that make me remember the day...: Keith and Jon.


 Twin Cities Knowledge Maps. These are so rad.

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