nov 4

aol budies


 Dirty AOL buddy icons.

 Wired is in the blogs biz. First up: Bruce Sterling.


 Rem Koolhaus interview in Japan Times.


 Matrix timeline.


 Since Pynchon will now be on The Simpsons, it's fair to wonder what other authors might be like on the show.

 So I've been watching the stupid string theory special on Nova. Stupid because it's obviously made for sixth graders. How many different ways can you say that a "theory of everything" will require a coalescence of quantum theory and general relativity? Apparently, according to this show, many dozen tedious ways, and then many dozen more with animated graphics. Anyway, if you were disapointed like me, here's a slightly better interview with Brian Greene.


 Wes Clark speaks out about Outkast.


 When exactly did Vice become Brill's Content?


 I predict: soon, the phrase "the best thing since sliced bread" will be replaced by "the best thing since caffeinated milk." Hyper Cow! And a launch party.

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