aug 28

Football Project

 Oh, boo hoo. Just when you thought dot-com failures were the most trite thing in the world to talk about, the New York publishing world solidifies your suspicions by celebrating it in, which apparently chronicles the catastrophic rise and fall of Gawd, they're talking to Cameron Diaz and Ed Norton about a movie.

 Weird. The consistently clueless New York Times Arts Section just realized Serge Gainsbourg exists.

 CNN is launching a Arabic-Language website. It will be called (p.s. WE MISS YOU MARCIA!)

 Eek! The IP addresses are running out!

 The Dallas Morning News, The Toronto Star, the Houston Chronicle, and The Orange County Register have all cut their tech sections.

 G'head, tell me you don't like saying Sill-vee-yah Poh-DJOH-lee. That's what I thought.

 Chuck thinks David Sedaris Must Die.

 This project that I'm working on is nowhere near complete, but I wanted to throw it out there to see what you think: Name That Play. The idea is that you learn a little bit of football by seeing some animations of classic plays. It needs work yet, but the general skeleton is there. Any thoughts?

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