nov 10



 Subversive Cross Stitch. Yes, it's exactly what I said.

 Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl gets a whole website dedicated to it.


 Matrix spoofs: The Helix Loaded | The Meatrix | The Matrix: Reheated.

 Wurtzel is totally bummed about Prozac Nation (the film).

 I was just thinking I wanted to spend my Sunday reading a Spielberg profile in the NYT Mag. Okay, no I wasn't. Good, at least there's an R.E.M. profile. Okay, no solace there either.


 Somewhat surprising: Jobs says iTunes isn't making Apple any money. Most of your money goes two evil places: record labels and credit card companies.


 Fleshbot is now live, and posts links to stills from the Paris Hilton sex tape.

 I heart the Google Toolbar. See also: Tony Perkins wants to write a collaborative book on Google.

 A couple blogs making the rounds: Belle de Jour (a dairy of a London call girl) and Pussy Ranch (a weblog from a local stripper). was praised in the Times.


 Prince will be inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Strib does a top 10 list on who should do the induction speech.

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