nov 11

nikki must be next

Sorry, you're gonna hafta find another Christmas gift, cuz I've already found the Paris Hilton video online. That embarrassing moment her cell phone rings could be the most important cinematic scene of 2003. But hey, enough cinema verite, let's see what else is going on:


 Is it already time for the Best Of The Year lists? Time's Coolest Inventions of 2003 and Popular Science's Best of What's New of 2003.

 Bye, bye, Sophia Loren. Miss Digital World.

 Steve Ballmer's iPod (reference material).


 See that KFC ad telling you how good drumsticks are for you? Yum. Slate commentary.


 Naked Lunch on DVD came out today.

 Salon has the full script to the Reagan biopic that CBS bailed on.

 Chaplin just in time for the Oscars! Hmm.

 Nokia shorts. Funny how 15 seconds almost seems too long.

 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind trailer. Stars Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst, and Jim Carrey.


 Decent NYT piece on the new digital art space, Eyebeam.


 Collection of Pavement cover songs (including Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Velvet Underground, CCR, and The Beatles).

 I can't explain why reading Strokes reviews has become my only post-summer cultural joy, but here's Sasha Frere-Jones doing his.

 Excellent. Neil Diamond Parking Lot.


 John Kerry canned his campaign manager.

 The New Republic has a decent profile of Joe Trippi, the guy behind Dean's campaign.


 This is already old news, but I'm trying to be cultivate my old media roots. Wallop is Microsoft's attempt to get into the social software industry from the Social Computing Group. Wired News story.


 CBS Marketwatch: Ten most overpaid jobs in the U.S.


 Har Mar Superstar is everywhere lately. And now he will be in vodka ads. (The article also suggests he's moving from Ibiza to L.A. to record.)

 Back in Fargo, I was quasi-fortunate enough to be acquainted with a half-crazy guy named Modern Man. (His real name was Leland, which he had legally changed to "Modern Man." All things considered, not a bad move.) His art and personality (seldom differentiated) was basically a combustible mix of Dali and Warhol, and now he has a website, Museum of Modern's Art. (Modern, you're such a card.) I'm really not recommending the site to you, but the handful of you who know him will be intrigued. (Via Todd.)

 I finally read The Rake's profile of the restaurant scene, and I think I actually recommend it. This line got my mind working: "According to the National Restaurant Association, we rank fourth in terms of per capita dining, and in recent years have been as high as number three."

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