nov 14

paris: not the city of lights


 Okay, the Paris Hilton update. Pamela Anderson gives it a thumbs up; Howard Stern, a thumbs down. In a twist of fate, Rick Salomon is suing. ESPN gives office viewing tips. Larry Flynt apparently wants to get in the action: he has pics of the Barbi Twins getting nasty with each other. (Up next: Olsen twins! Bush sisters!) And Lizzy says there's another tape floating around involving a threesome (with Simon Rex!).

 I'm not sure if I should worry that this Onion story on a blogger is datelined Minneaopolis.

 Somewhat interesting tale of stalking, blogs, big-name NYT columnists, and crazies in The New Yorker.


 Apparently, this NYT review disturbed Neal Pollack so much that he shut down his blog. Well, for two days.

 Martin Amis talks about "the facial" in Nerve.


 Terry Eagleton has written a book about Cultural Studies that answers "what went wrong?"

 New Yorker: Rimbaud profile.


 Threadless t-shirt contest.


 The hell? Ruminator Books is about to die a financial death and it took USA Today to tell me?

 Apple wrote about the Minnesota Wild and the Xcel Energy Center.

 Yipe, Jesse the Body's official gubernatorial portrait.

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