nov 16

dear bloggers looking for links

This site is up to about 3,500 visitors per day. Who are all you people? Please wipe your feet before entering. Linkage:


 This month's Wired has a gadget section with this quote from Paris Hilton (who the NYTimes said "looks like what you'd get if you crossed Uma Thurman, a borzoi and Robert Plant circa 1972") printed long before last week's tape scandal: "I can't live without my cell phone. It's the one with the big round dial, and it has a video camera on it." The mind reels with the potential sequels... has started a blog, Outside The Box, about swag -- promotional items for music, film, tv, etc. releases.

 Margaret Cho: Courtney Love is the white Whitney Houston.


 Norman Mailer's 25-year-old son, who has no journalism experience other than writing one piece for Black Book, is the new executive editor of High Times. Profile.


 Guardian: The World's 40 Best Directors. #1: David Lynch.

 Cool. The Cameos of Alfred Hitchcock. (That is, the cameos in his own films. I've always wondered where he appears in Rope, and now I finally know.)

 The author of The Simpsons and Philosophy and Woody Allen and Philosophy analyzes Tarantino. (Via Greencine.)

 I'll call Body Song a cross between Koyaanisqatsi and Kronos Quartet. Cool site by Channel 4, cool music by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead.

 "Why can't I preorder a DVD and receive it the day the film is released in theaters? Or buy it on my way out of the theater if I liked what I saw? One thing I learned from the Mavs is that you can watch the game on TV, but you'll still go to the game, because it's a different experience." -- Mark Cuban (the guy who sold for billions and bought the Dallas Mavericks and -- more importantly -- Landmark Theatres), Wired, December 2003


 I'm dizzy. I just downloaded and listened to every track on the Andy Warhol tapes.


 All three hours of PBS's NOVA program The Elegant Universe is now available online (QuickTime and RealVideo).

 The MPAA is putting out public service announcements on movie piracy. They take a semi-manipulative working class angle.

 The Sex Museum in NYC has released a new advertising campaign.


 There are still Rubik's Cube competitions? And croquet?


 NYT Mag has a series of articles on smart homes. Here's James Gleick on smart houses, and the others are linked in the sidebar.


 Excellent fundraiser maps of America.


 Random prediction: David Carson makes a come-back in 2004. New interview.


 Waxy has pics of some Japanese magazine, Bloggers.

 My Tunes is a program that adds functionality to Apple's iTunes that lets you share mp3 files across a network. C|Net story.


 Hey, I'm looking for a roommate. Pass it on.

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