nov 23

absolutely nothing about paris


 NYT Mag gives monster wordage (10 "Next" pages!) to online dating.


 Washlet. I want one. Bad. Very, very bad.

 "Best Buy is the Clear Channel of electronics superstores."

 L.A. Times is doing a series on The Wal-Mart Effect.


 Clinton releases list of his favorite books. Some oddities: "The Denial of Death," Ernest Becker; "Homage to Catalonia," George Orwell; "Moral Man and Immoral Society: A Study in Ethics and Politics," Reinhold Niebuhr; and "Living History," Hillary Rodham Clinton.

 Douglas Coupland 1,000 Word Short Story Award.


 Sarah Silverman roasting Hugh Hefner (video).

 Terry Gross interviews Triumph The Insult Dog.


 From last week (sorry, catching up), a good profile of Gawker Media. Nick's looking for travel and furniture bloggers.

 Microsoft's answer to Google News: Newsbot.

 I'm not a metrosexual, I'm a...


 New stuff in Nike Lab.


 What's big in Malta now? Check Music Charts All Over the World.

 Peter Scholtes noticed that Har Mar Superstar and Karen O were in town the same day, so he had them interview each other. Golden. Karen: "I'm electronically mailing with Beck, and I told him that I was going to be out there recording with you, and he didn't write me back after that." Har Mar: "I saw him three days ago at a festival and he asked me to record with him, so maybe I'm totally cock-blocking you."

 And then there's Thom Yorke and Howard Zinn hanging out.

 CP and The Onion review the Spike Jones DVD retrospectives.

 My fave part of this RZA interview is where he claims to love Bob Hope. But this is good too: "Leonardo DiCaprio. Oh, man, this nigga knew all my shit."

 The Stranger: Courtney Love, A Remembrance.

 Rolling Stone's 500 greatest albums of all time. Blah.

 I hate CD inserts in magazines. The Post doesn't.



 Peter Ritter at CP profiles Fate magazine.

 I have no idea why this story about a drug bust was given such a strong narrative voice.

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