dec 5

goodbye paris


 Can you believe there was a time when one program was viewed in 60% of households? From 1983, an episode of M*A*S*H holds the record as the top network telecast of all time. Here are the top 10, according to Nielsen.

 You be the judge: MSNBC Female Anchors | FOX Female Anchors | CNN Female Anchors.


 Waxy dug up the Usenet postings of the German internet cannibal. Yummy.


 Breakup of the year: Sofia has dumped Spike.

 The Day After Tomorrow trailer.


 Before Paris, there was Marilyn.

 A little late to the party, The Voice can't decide which route to go, so it does both a cultcha studies version and a media crit version of Paris Hilton.

 Wait. One. Damn. Moment. Isn't Nicole Richie black?


 The Globe raps about hip-hop and politics, while The Guardian take the capitalist angle.

 Hey Outkast, what are you listening to?

 Recently found: some random John Cage mp3s and some Palace Music videos.

 That Coldplay mofo.

 Rick Moody explains why the Talking Heads matter, because you needed the lecture.


 Video Game Awards winners. Best Performance by a Human goes to Ray Liotta. Aired on Spike TV.

 BMW/Fallon launched a new online driving game.


 Slate: When people loved the New York Times Book Review.


 Take that, Jesse.

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