aug 29

Grand Cities

Everyone made their jokes when North Dakota officials were considering dropping "North" from the state's name. I was particularly fond of a Strib survey on the topic, which had an answer for "How about dropping the 'Dakota' too?" But, hey, even most North Dakotans thought it was dumb.

I had glanced at Dave Barry's column on the topic, but didn't fully read it. Kurt gets credit for pointing me toward the end of the column where there's a toss to a new Grand Forks website:

My first thought: Poor bastards couldn't even afford a .com.

My second thought: Is that the most attrocious Flash intro you've ever seen?

And, my final thought: Did a freaking human write this blasted copy?

It's the intersection of earth and sky.
It's a glimpse of what lies ahead. It's hope,
anticipation and curiosity reaching out
to you in mysterious ways. Timeless.
Endless. Always enriching your soul.

Here, where the earth meets the sky.
The Grand Cities of Grand Forks, North
Dakota and East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

C'mon, I went to college there! I know they can get better writing than that.

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