dec 10

usa today

Yo, USA Today linked to my Year In Review list today. There's a bunch of new stuff in there... Rolling Stone, The Onion, and the Best Wines of 2003!


 Hypothesize about the fetishizing of technology all you want, but this information superhighway is a two-way street: Steve Jobs interviewed in Rolling Stone; David Byrne interviewed in Wired.


 Totally weird. Girl with a Pearl Earring -- yes, the Vermeer painting -- has been adapted into a movie (Times review). Just the other day I linked to the phenomenally cool (and totally unrelated to the movie) Girl With a Pearl Earring website. Question for my art historian friends: Is this the first time a painting has been adapted into a movie?

 David Lynch: peace broker.


 Slate: Which Dictionary is Best?

 Hanging out with The Believer.


 This is the saddest romance story of all time.... that involves that tramp Paris Hilton.

 You saw the Miller Lite ad that uses human dominoes, right? Eric Zorn has a column in the Chicago Tribune about it.

 How did I miss this? Tina Fey was interviewed in The Believer a couple months back.


 Gobs of obscure MP3s from The Darkness.

 Christgau: This ought to be indie-rock's moment. But no.

 I haven't been to for a while. Check out the wicked complex MP3 page.


 Hm, Variety added another blog: The Porning Report, "coverage of the porn industry's move to mainstream." To bookmark or not to bookmark, that is the question.

 Rolling Stone says: " removed the customer advice area from the page for Jackson's Number Ones greatest hits album page and several other Jackson albums after unnamed users made recommendations that included books on identifying child molesters, a baby gift set titled 'Thank Heaven for Little Boys' and the latest Captain Underpants books..."

 Press release: Friendster might actually speed up soon.

 AOL launches (basically AIM meets personals). Headline writers go to work.

 Other new stuff: (everything answered) | hipstir (yet another social network site) | Hello. (photo sharing app) | (cool friendster blog)

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