dec 16

party rules

I always have the company party post-party so that everyone talks about the stupid drunk thing so-and-so did at my house last year. This seemingly infallible strategy implodes when you get more drunk than anyone else at your own party.


 It just wouldn't be Christmas without a David Sedaris New Yorker story.

 Good to know that Saddam was reading Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment in his hole. (The details here are amazing. Two cans of Raid? Palmolive Naturals soap? Lipton tea?)


 MoMA snatched up $40 million of new art.


 NPR: winemakers.

 G'head, try it, I dare you: VELVEETA® Fudge.


 Exactly two years after Google launched Google News, another new product is starting to take form: Google Print.

 Everything you wanted to know about the upcoming version of IE.

 PowerPoint Makes You Dumb.

 I missed this story from last weekend: NFL Receiver Uses Cell Phone From End Zone. Awesome.

 Macromedia Flash Video Gallery.


 Dizzee Rascal's first single, "Fix Up, Look Sharp" (mp3) and the video for "Just Like a Rascal".


 Some pics from Dave's (Creative Electric's) Flash Boutique. Go!

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