dec 21

the list

That which can heretoforth be referred to simply as THE LIST has grown significantly over the weekend. That's where the action is. And then there are these:


 Gawker's list of words to outlaw in 2004. Yes, yes, and yes.

 I spend vastly too much money on Taschen books, which predictably end up sitting around on coffee tables. The L.A. Weekly has a good profile of the book publisher.

 The world's largest book is on Amazon.

 The founders of Spy magazine will split $1 million four ways to write about the magazine's rise and fall.

 Not only was he reading Dostoyevsky after the war, Saddam was writing his fourth novel while the troops surrounded Iraq.


 Amazon Wishlist of ridiculously expensive stuff. Yes, please add that $283,500.00 necklace to my shopping cart. (Customer review: "The sacrifices I have made just to be able to afford this, selling my house, my car, and my children, all made up for it in the end.") moves into territory.


 USA Today graphic: Do women want to date metrosexuals?


 Walmart's $.88/song online store.

 Heard a bit of Matt Groening on Fresh Air the other night. Apparently he edited this year's De Capo Best Music Writing anthology, but I didn't hear Terry Gross ask about it.

 Gory pics of the singer Jack White beat up last week.


 Up next, Frank Rich writes about Howard Dean's online campaign: Napster Runs for President in '04.


 New trailer: Osama. In "selected" theaters Jan 30.

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