dec 28


Just as its size doubled over the weekend, the Year in Review page is about to close shop. More personal faves have arrived: Salon's annual tech review, onslaughts from the Sunday Times and Entertainment Weekly, the big Voice film list, etc.


 Those Howard Dean Internet stories just keep coming. Here's Wired's.


 The Times is writing about And ethnically ambiguous hotties.

 Wash Post: Japan's Empire of Cool. A1 story on the the country's culture industry. Na-duh.


 Buried in this story about Tony Kushner is the news that Dave Eggers is working with Spike Jonze to adapt Where The Wild Things Are.

 Trailer to new Lars von Trier movie: Dogville. In other von Trier news that completely freaks me out, his brilliant mini-series Kingdom Hospital has been adapted by Stephen King and will air on ABC. (See also: Lars von Trier and Paul Thomas Anderson chit-chatting.)

 Wash Post profiles Uma.


 Update to Google Print: a FAQ and a list of all the books in the database.

 I've often wondered how drugs get named.


 Steven Johnson's essay snippet on curatorial culture is pretty darn good.


 10 Ads America Won't See from Ad Age.


 Metafilter thread on Southdale Mall.

 Wooly Boys, "the first major motion picture set and filmed in North Dakota" (which is not true many times over), opens next month. It stars Peter Fonda and Kris Kristofferson.

 Ventura's MSNBC show is on "indefinite hiatus". See-ya.

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