dec 30

waiting for a new year

Today, the Christian Science Monitor mentioned Fimoc (last paragraph). What's new in the big list? Well, there's the eye-catching Top 20 Nude Scenes of 2003 (Justine Bateman?), Yahoo's Top Searches 2003, Roger Ebert's Top 10, The Year of the Liar from the luscious Heather Havrilesky at Salon, and a whole lot more.



 Shatner to release new album, produced by Ben Folds.


 Trailer for Kill Bill Vol 2 (Japanese version).


 For a little bit of flashback fun, read this PC World story from two years ago that predicts what last year was supposed to bring. 1-GHz PDAs? Fuel cells for portables? Voice portals? Uh, yeah. At least they got the flat screens right.


 Oh boy, gimme. Ann Coulter Talking Action Figure.

 Newsweek put Jon Stewart on the cover, and wrote a boring story about him.

 USA Today manages to pen perhaps the worst story ever on blogging and politics.


 The Times has a suprisingly must-read-ish 14-story collection on the future of media and technology.

 For those who have been sleeping the last week, a merger catchup: Comcast bought TechTV | FedEx bought Kinko's | News Corp bought DirecTV | Rex bought a $150 coffee pot that grinds the beans and makes the coffee with a timer.

 Kottke says he will read a magazine every week for a year. All the freaks come out to tell him which ones to try.


 Gehry: "I'm just an architect."


 Anyone know about this Trend Agenda thing coming to town? Okay, let me rephrase that: Anyone know how I can get in without forking out $350? "Trend Agenda is for those who want to help shape the future -- the curious and courageous. Philosophers, leaders, innovators and mavericks." Hell, they should pay me to go.

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