jan 6

posse skank

Surrounded by the cute girls in my posse, I turned into a skanky aloof hipster (note the shifty eyes and cell phone/pda in my pocket). Hey Pete, what night was that, anyway?


 During that Times interview the other day, I said a ridiculous number of brilliant things about list-making as an attempt to make sense of a fragmented world. And then Louis Menand stole all my ideas and wrote them in The New Yorker. Yep.

 The Speech Accent Archive consists of audio files of 295 people reading the exact same 69 words. So? Well, they all speak with different accents. So? Shut up, it's cool.

 Looks like Umberto Eco has a new book. The Guardian says it's "inaccessible for its semiotic jargon and graphs," which is a good sign he's back in form.


 The 15 finalists in MoveOn.org's Bush In 30 Seconds contest have been announced. Some funny ones, some reactionary ones. Judges for the finals include: Michael Moore, Donna Brazile, Jack Black, Janeane Garofalo, Margaret Cho and Gus Van Sant.


 Salon's tech predictions for 2004.

 New stuff Apple announced today: GarageBand and iPod Mini. And here's some stuff they didn't announce (Wired).

 While getting a couple fillings put in today, my dentist told me he's going to CES. Yes, my fuggin dentist. Rafat from PaidContent.org and Peter Rojas from Gizmodo are there.


 Ziff-Davis is going to launch a new tech magazine: Sync. Doomed to suck.

 Somewhat interesting that The Guardian reprinted Osama bin Laden's comments in its "Comments and Analysis" section of the paper. (Also interesting that I didn't actually read all of Osama's words, but I read the entire mediocre MeFi thread.)


 Ryan Adams leaves a goofy-attempt-at-being-nasty message (mp3) on Jim DeRogatis' (Chicago Sun-Times music columnist) voicemail.

 New documentary: Sounds Like Techno.


 Adult Movie Posters of the 60s and 70s.

 The 2005 Mustang looks totally retro. (Sorry for the car link. I drive a 2000 'stang.)

 The "Reflecting Pools" design was chosen for the WTC Memorial.




 Bye, bye, Flash Mobs; hello Action Squad. Minneapolis urban adventures!

 I'm looking for a good Flash Designer/Developer for a big project. If you're all that, find me.

 North Dakota Blogs.

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