jan 8



 Gotta love those Hilton sisters. Oops, I mean Olsen twins. Dangit, I really meant Bush twins. Speaking of which, I hear the Olsen twins are going to NYU this year. Wouldn't love to take this class with them?

 Letterman: Top Ten Messages on Britney Spears' Answering Machine. 2. "It's Jessica Simpson. Thanks for making me look like a genius."


 This just might be everything I like about the internet: NotFoolingAnybody.com is simply a slideshow of "bad conversions" of storefronts.

 20 years later, Apple's revised 1984 commercial.

 Gawker shocker.

 New to the dating service scene, SocialGrid utilizes Google, grid computing, P2P, and file-sharing to help you hook up. Haven't tried it yet...

 New blog: Lingerie101, the guide for men. "Each week lingerie101 posts an article on one certain kind of lingerie, so you know the difference between a teddy and a cami."

 Discovered by Slashdot, Photoshop has a special feature that detects if an image is American currency.


 Another new fave blog: Hacking Netflix.

 I've been wondering what Joss Whedon has been doing post-Buffy: Firefly, the film.

 The Fog of War site is pretty cool. The damn film still ain't playing here.


 Bush is gonna send people to Mars. See also in Slate: Is Mars Ours?


 The highest-selling musician last year, 50 Cent, has signed up to do an "interactive sex DVD." They also offered Paris Hilton.

 Ryan Adams responds to the MP3 from yesterday.

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